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The 21st century is the digital age, and that means people frequently use digital means to send things. You send an email rather than a letter; send pictures over social media sites rather than as Christmas cards; and fill out applications online. However, even in the modern era, you’re likely to end up printing something eventually. If you want to avoid going to the library every time you need to print something, it’s a good idea to get a printer of your own. Printers are technology heavy tools, and that means if you want to get a good deal on a printer and all the necessary accessories, then you’ll need to use Getting your printer directly from a manufacturer can be a great way to make sure you’re getting top-tier items. You can also usually get refill materials, replacement parts, and accessories all from the same retailer. If you bought your printer from Canon, for example, you may want to return to Canon’s website every so often to restock on ink and toner. Getting all these things directly from the retailer may be more expensive, but they’re also more likely to work perfectly the first time. Use coupons from to offset the additional costs. Of course, if you want to stock up on a number of supplies for your personal office, not just printer materials, office supply stores such as Staples are always a good option. You can even buy your printer there, as reputable office supply stores will almost always be authorized third-party resellers. Even better, these stores usually run better sales on their merchandise, so you can save on your printer, printer accessories, and other office supplies all at once. Check before you make your purchase to ensure you’re taking advantage of all those sales. You may think of the printer as your largest investment when it comes to setting up a printing option at home. However, when you add up all the ink and toner cartridges you’ll be using over the years, it may end up being just as expensive, or maybe even more so. With third-party ink and toner retailers you can get all the cartridges you need to keep your printer running smoothly without spending excess money. Bring that number down even further by using coupons and promo codes from Printers are a great option for anyone that needs to stay productive, either at home or at the office. However, from setting up a printing system to maintaining it over the years, printers and their various accessories can get very expensive. can help make sure you’re able to get the right printer for the job at a great price. Next time you go to make a printer purchase, whether you’re getting your first printer, replacing your old one, upgrading to a new model, or just getting additional supplies, consult before you buy anything.