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Getting a desktop computer is a great decision, but it does take a little bit more planning than having a laptop. While a laptop is a one-and-done deal, you need both a desktop tower and a monitor to use a desktop computer. There are also other reasons you might need a monitor; maybe you need to cast your laptop screen, or maybe your laptop screen is broken and you need to be able to see what you’re doing. Regardless of the reason, adding the cost of a monitor to the cost of your other computer items can get expensive, so make sure you check to get the biggest discounts. Very few companies specialize solely in computer monitors, but sites such as Dell, carry a wide range of monitors and projectors. With that much effort being put into the items on the site, you’re very likely to get a monitor that you’ll be able to use for years. Of course, high-quality monitors can cost a pretty penny, so before you make your choice and check out, go ahead and look through the coupons at to make sure you’re actually getting a good deal. If you want to find items at a great price, you may want to take a chance on well-known sites that sell low-priced items. These items are often refurbished, or they may be overstock or bulk-buy items that you can get at significantly discounted prices. Sites such as Woot allow you to buy all manner of items, including electronics and often monitors. The products on these sites frequently change, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll find one, but if you do, can help make sure that you’re getting the best deal on it. Sometimes, the best option is to buy the branded monitor that matches your desktop. Buying it directly from the manufacturer can also be helpful, as you’ll usually be able to take advantage of great warranty and return policies, and maybe even get additional products! If you have a desktop from a manufacturer such as HP, you may want to start looking into getting a monitor directly from the same company. It’s true that buying directly from the manufacturer is often a little more expensive, but it can also be a lot more trustworthy. You can offset the additional costs by using coupons that you find at Your monitor is just as important to your computer experience as the actual desktop tower. After all, it’s what will show you the things that your desktop tower is helping you accomplish! Whether you decide to buy yours brand new, used, direct-to-consumer, refurbished, or any other option, you should do a little bit of research first to make sure that you’ll be happy with the monitor you choose. Your research should also include looking at, so you can buy it at the right price.