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True netbooks are almost a relic of the past. Netbooks, a very peculiar style of small computer, were mostly created in the mid-2000s, with nearly all major companies stopping production by the end of 2012. However, the generic idea of a netbook, meaning a small, portable, lightweight computer that doesn’t pack a lot of power, is still available today, and it’s definitely possible to find a laptop that has portability as its main selling point. When you go to find your next netbook-style computer, make sure you’ve checked with so your netbook is not only portable, but also affordable. Buying a brand-new netbook can be a great option. After all, netbooks created today need to have very high-tech designs in order to keep up with the requirements of the 21st century. It’s not easy to pack a tiny laptop full of everything that consumers need, but frontrunner electronic creators such as Samsung certainly put their best foot forward. It can be a little bit more expensive to buy your netbook new, but if you find a model that you really love, you can offset some of those costs by using discount codes from when you place your order. You may not have thought about it, but many big retailers such as Walmart have thriving electronics sections. You can find everything from televisions to headphones to computers at these general retailers, and their low-price reputation means that you’ll be getting a great deal on your netbook right off the bat. Although some people may be skeptical of large, low-priced retailers, if you look into it a little more, you’ll find that many of these companies’ return policies more than make up for any hesitation you may have. Combine your purchase with a coupon from and you’ll be able to find the netbook you need at the perfect price. Some of the lowest-priced electronics can be found at overstock retailers, which sell the items that retail stores bought too many of. Places such as usually have electronics that are the real deal, but just didn’t make a big enough hit to sell as many as retailers had hoped. The only downside is that most of the time, there isn’t a lot when it comes to warranty coverage, because it’s sold through a third party. Still, with the pricing discounts that you’ll get from, you almost can’t go wrong with a netbook from these retailers. The original concept of a netbook was somewhat curious; after all, it occupied a rare place that was quickly filled by tablets, and nowadays, there’s no real use for the original netbook design. However, the netbook did pave the way for similarly designed small laptops that are created with versatility in mind. If you don’t really need a powerful computer, just a portable one, a netbook-style laptop might be just what you need. You can also benefit just as highly from the coupons and discounts that you’re able to find at